Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It is finished!

Unless you are a student within the college, you will not understand the greatness of the College of Journalism and Communication at UF. I can remember my first time doing a story in the INC. I felt like I was literally on CNN or ESPN doing the biggest story of life. It was the beginning of my broadcast journey. There are so many opportunities to grow in your field as well. They have sports, news, advertising, PR, production, you name it. There are some educated teachers who have also spent time in the business, and the things they teach are you the closest thing to the real thing.. It is the real thing! As i'm about to graduate next week, I know that I can walk into adulting confident that I will succeed. THANK YOU CJC!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

This Journey is Almost Over!

As my time at the University of Florida and in my Advanced Interactive Reporting class comes to an end, I can truly say that I have learned how to do so much in this college. From using ENPS to write scripts, Final Cut to edit video, cameras to shoot video, etc. I feel like I’m equipped to succeed in the television industry. Another important skill I’ve picked up is blogging. I’ve learned how to make my blog better with SEOs, links, pictures, Bubbli, SoundCloud, and more. Some of these skills have also been picked up by my classmates! Here are the links to all of their blogs. Their interests range from food, to fashion, to lifestyle, to sports. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Tipping Point

You never realized how big of a difference little things make until you read this book. The Tipping Point shines light on small factor that play large roles in things like fashion, crime, language, etc. As a journalist, Malcolm Caldwell knows the art of research and investigating, and it is apparent in this book. Fashion is one of my favorite things to talk about and look at. As a model, you see so many clothing items and you match them up in your head from head to toe. Sometimes you can’t think of what shoes or purse will add the finishing touches to an outfit so you have to think back! I can count plenty of times when I have gone to a thrift store or consignment shop to find gems that would not be found in a department store or mall. So I’m not surprised that the Hush Puppy show came back in style. In 2016 we’ve seen many thing come back into style like high waist pants, three strap sandals, up-do hairstyles, etc. I know this is true because every time I get something new from the store my mom says “girl, we used to wear them back in the day.” Crime is something that is in every city, you can’t avoid it. But some cities may have a lower crime rate than others. I never thought about the factors that went into these statistics like an older population, drugs, college degrees, etc. The Tipping Point spoke about crime in NYC falling over time. I’ve lived in communities where the crime rate was high and others where it was low. The deciding factor came down to be income. In a place where most people have stable jobs or are retired, they tend to have the resources that those people committing the crimes want for. They are wealthy, educated, and lacking or nothing. On the contrary, those who are committing the crimes lack those things. This is problem why the crime goes down as that demographic gets older, they are either doing better or mentally have chosen to stop the crime. Last but not least, language. As a reporter, I have to make sure that I am using language that others can understand, whether they are in elementary school or have graduated from college. But language varies across different groups. When covering a story about a suicide or homosexuals, you have to make sure the terms are inclusive. Being in a sorority has taught me a lot about language and translation. Everyone was raised differently, and everyone takes words different ways. But when you used inclusive language, language that would be appropriate and respectful in front of your grandmother or mom, you’re usually on the safe side. I think The Tipping Point does a great job of explaining the different factors that makes an issue change or stay the same. I recommend this book to anyone doing research or any journalist that is looking for investigative story idea.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Food, Fashion, and Fun!

Food, fashion, and fun! Who doesn’t enjoy all of these wonderful things! It’s really nice to know that some of my classmates feel the same way about these things I as do. I love trying new food from different cultures. And so does Caitlyn! Fashion is so important! I love looking good and dressing for the occasion. Sometimes my college budget doesn’t allow for excessive shopping, but just like my classmate Brooke, we one day hope our closets will overflow with items! And we all have our ways of escaping the daily struggle of college. Some play sports, some go out on the town, and others dance like my classmate Lauren! Check out these blogs if you also love food, fashion, and fun!

What are you writing about?

Journalist- a fancy word for a writer. And under that fancy word, are a bunch of words, thoughts, and expressions. Some of those words are about news topics like on Stephanie Byrne's blog, other words are about a time period in life like on Sydney Martin's blog. And then you have journalist that enjoy lifestyle, family, and travelling like Brittney Smith. All three of these individuals love writing and sharing stories. Check out what they have to say!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Who is Britnee?

Britnee McCoy is a senior Telecommunication major at the University of Florida. McCoy will be graduating in December 2016. Upon graduating, McCoy will start her new journey as a News Reporter at WRDW/WAGT in Augusta, GA. McCoy is originally from Miami, FL. She enjoys attending sporting events, blogging, and binge watching her favorite show “Being Mary Jane.” McCoy’s ultimate goal is to become an Anchor on Good Morning America.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Digital Resume

Check out all of the things Britnee McCoy has done in broadcast!